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MS Updates – WSUS issue while Installing IE 11 (Error Code 9c47)

Error 9c47 while installing IE 11

Unfortunately there wasn’t much help available on Internet for this particular error so we decided to monitor the logs and directory structure while running the installation.  This helped us finding this alternate way which we have tried on more than 20 servers so far and has worked perfectly!!

So what happens when you run the IE11 installation?  The installation process first tries to download all the relevant files under “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\Install” (note the end directory is called “installed” because we are trying to install, this will change in case of other actions).

What we observed was that it downloads some other files along with the main IE installation executable, but as soon as “error 9c47” is encountered,  it automatically removes all the files except the main executable. IE11 Install

Next, we decided to attempt running a manual installation by running this executable and monitor the IE logs saved under “C:\Windows\IE11_main.log”

Once the installation starts you can see setup tries to download pre-requisites files. Please refer below.

IE11 Pre

The installation detects Windows 7 as the operating system though we are actually on Windows Server 2008 R2, don’t worry and ignore this as this is due to the fact that both OS share the same kernel.  You can see that the error mark in red inspects that pre-requisites of IE KB2670838 or KB2729094 are installed or not.

IE 11 Install

Please refer below as IE 11 is downloading pre-requisites on its own and they be unpacked and installed automatically. It also downloads the required language package files.

IE 11 Package.jpg

Below screenshot state that it checks the currently installed IE registry settings and IE Component.

IE 11 Component

Post installation it will ask for reboot and VOILA!! We got IE 11 installed.

IE 11 Version.jpg

Additional Information :- Majority of IE 11 installation has caused issue due to IE unable to find KB2729094 (which is already installed but still IE setup does not recognize it) and gives error 9c47.

In summary, the normal installation method is somehow thinks that KB2729094 is not installed and throws the error 9c47.  This is not the case when you run the manual install through executable

Give it a try kindly let me know if in case you got any queries.

Thanks & Regards

gT aka Pratik