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My name is Pratik a.K.a gT (Geek Of Technology)

I am Technical Expert on Windows Technologies, Technical Consultant, Freelancer, Online Gamer, Lover of Microsoft Technologies, Windows Technology Enthusiastic.

I have 7+ years of experience in IT industry. Majorly Covered with Microsoft Products.

This blog is to provide technical details which is gathered from internet & from my personal experience.

Information we provide is related to technical products majorly covered of Microsoft, VMware, Android & Many More Etc.

We also provide solutions or suggestions based on common or complex issues.

Please note :- I provide all the details which is free of cost & the link which we provide is propriety of the original owner & I am not the part of it.

I just provide the path towards resolving the issue. There is no responsibility from my end.

Steps or resolution which are taken are truly on your risk. I am not responsible

Before performing anything kindly take proper backup, snapshot etc to avoid any later issues.

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