Chapter 5 Troubleshooting User Accounts

Troubleshooting—every administrator’s favorite activity A) User- and group-related issues usually manifest as the user being unable to log On or access resources such as email, a file share, an application, or a printer. The Most common problems are ■ The user’s password has expired. ■ The user has forgotten the password and it needs resetting. […]

Chapter 4 Managing Groups

What are Groups in Active Directory Groups are containers that contain user and computer objects within them as members. When security permissions are set for a group in the Access Control List on a resource, all members of that group receive those permissions. Domain Groups enable centralized administration in a domain. All domain groups are […]

Chapter 2 Creating user accounts

Users are the main reason for your job, you’ll spend a lot of time administering user accounts during your career as an AD administrator. Everyone logging on to a network requires a user account. These are the objects. You’ll work with the most because user accounts can be quite volatile with leavers,Joiners, changes, and password […]

Chapter 1 Before you begin

    Chapter 1 Before you begin Below are some facts that you should know that AD is a Big Subject.  AD is the critical function for the continued health of a windows environment AD tasks can be achieved both using both Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Power Shell (PS) Groups are better to Manage Permission on […]